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The Patricia Stanley Collection

Founded in Great Britain in 2020, Patricia Stanley jewellery and time rings, offer superior, innovative and unique designs for you to be proud to wear.

Vintage inspired styles go beyond a trend to embrace the importance of individuality, whilst honouring the steadfast superiority of the Quartz analogue and appealing to everyone with a desire for classic, clean and elegant designs. Made using Stainless Steel and leather, Patricia Stanley is the pioneer of a new concept in wearable time, breaking you free from technology.

Striving to offer the best design, quality and service. All Patricia Stanley products comply with UK and European regulations for your safety and for the care of our planet.

Ring Watches

Ring watches favour the bold, brave and extraordinary. So if your want a totally unique, perfectly useful and completely fun accessory, this is definitely for you……

Around for many years and supposedly as far back as the late 1800’s, watches worn on the finger are not a new idea, but they have never been designed with such emphasis on elegance and simplicity before and so never looked as good. The theory of looking down or across at a finger to read the time, rather than pulling back a sleeve is simple, but until now has never truly caught on.

Patricia Stanley time rings have been created by its founder Nikki, who has fond memories of her and close friends owning ring watches, which are now likely to be considered ‘retro’ accessories. Designed and fitted in the early 1990’s with a metal expansion bands as indeed many still are, Nikki loved how her ring watch looked and how easy it was to use, but disliked the band fit and the quality of the finish, which often ‘pinched’ her skin and left an everso slightly green tinge when removed. This ring watch, as with many others on the market today, were considered ‘fast fashion’ statements, which came in and went out along with bum bags, shell suits and bright purple mascara of the same era.

It is then by carefully considering this knowledge, that the Patricia Stanley collection was created.

Clean and nostalgic but with simple, timeless design features and a considered, durable approach to style, whilst keeping all the emphasis on the love and fun of owning and wearing such a statement ring watch.

Whats not to love?!


Stainless steel

We use Stainless Steel to make our watches, which allows us to present to you a perfectly precision moulded, clean design, with a tough strong exterior for durability and strength in wear. If treated with consideration and care, our cases should last for as long as you choose to wear them.


Mineral crystal lens

Our lenses are designed for strength in wear. If treated with care, this strength and clarity of our lenses will offer many years of wear. 

Please ensure that any scratches which may appear in use, are safely polished out by a professional watch repairer.


Self adjustable strap

Understanding that fashion needs change we have designed our watches, so you will have the ability to change colour and design to suit your day and your style. Simply turn your watch over and slide the spring bar lever with your finger, to release and attach each band.


Coated leather

For durability, quality and comfort, our watch straps are made using carefully selected coated leather.

Designed for Those Who Want Something Different

In this new era of screen time talking with not only our voices but with our facial expressions and the wave of a hand to friends, family and workmates, a finger watch offers the perfect talking point. So whether you’re logged on to a screen for business or pleasure, or if you simply love styling up your selfies in the mirror, a Patricia Stanley ring watch is an accessory worth showing off, whilst creating a memorable moment which is sure to delight and amaze your audience. 

Smart wristwatch fashion is amazingly helpful with scheduling our days, sending us notifications and counting our steps, but we can sometimes forget to switch off the noise. Patricia Stanley time rings, allow you to manage not only your style, but also your own time. No steps to count, no stressful alarms, no messages to interrupt your thoughts.

For this moment, why not just enjoy letting time pass by without interruption and without a time table. Enjoy the unspoilt and soft ticking of beautifully peaceful time, one minute, one second and one hour after another, over and over and over again.

The perfect sentiment, for making your timing and appearance impeccable…….don’t you agree?

Best Choice for Ring Watches

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The best sentiment of time, is a small, simple and elegant ring watch, with a bold brave attitude.

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