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How do you feel about ‘self-gifting’ to add to your ‘self-care’ this Christmas?

Some will say it is indulgent to buy gifts for themselves this year, but others may find it a very empowering and essential part of Christmas 2020 and to Welcome in the start of 2021. At any point this year, have you put on your makeup and jewellery when you were asked to take part in a weekly or daily company conference call on zoom, or cover up your lipstick with a mask, remembering the whole time what it was like to be a different you?

With our changing routines being more momentous than ever, start putting some real thought into what items you deserve to self-gift. Is a good-looking time piece important in helping you to embrace a new routine and the changes you face?

What would make an amazing and pleasing addition to your dressing table?

To buy yourself an understated and elegant keepsake of wearable time, can be an important part of your ‘self-care’ routine. It is also a very healthy sentimental practice to honour various moments in life, such as a new job, special night out or simply celebrating a successful new work life balance.

If all of this resonates with you, then it maybe time to buy yourself an indulgent but useful, ‘self-loving’ accessory, which make the most of your precious time and all the new memories you are destined to make.

Owning a Patricia Stanley ring watch, will help you feel worth the best of all things and keep your timing impeccable for all occasions.

So go ahead….. Pick one of the sets from the Patricia Stanley collection and ‘self-surprise’ this Christmas!

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